We’re going to start use a pre-meeting activity to give the boys something to do that will occupy their attention and reduce the chaos & noise. The activity will begin 15-20 minutes before the 6:30 pack meeting start time, and will stop at 6:30 when the meeting begins.

I need your help thinking of suitable activities. Here are a couple of guidelines to help
1) The activity should run about 20 minutes.
2) It should be possible for scouts to join in the middle of the activity
3) The activity shouldn’t be too physical, we don’t want to rile the scouts up(yet).
4) The activity shouldn’t be messy.

My initial ideas include:
– A giant sheet of paper(3’x15′), crayons. The scouts can color/graffitti the paper however they want. The paper could be blank, or it could have an outline of the word “Pack142”.
– Game show. Use the giant paper to run a game of Hangman, Wheel-of-Fortune, Jeopardy, Pictionary, etc…
– Scavenger Hunt, Hide a few dozen clues in and around the MPR. Provide a clue sheet to each scout.
– “Envelope Stuffing”, Give the scouts busy work folding paper or building lots of small craft items, folding flowers, filling out flyers, writing out invitations. Should be productive, should help someone out.

Please share your ideas below in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.